These are some of the services offered by The Happy Dog canine HOTEL

Servicios de supervisión
Continuous supervision

Among the many services we offer, we believe that the most important for your dog is continuous supervision. At every moment during 24 hours a day, we have a person taking care of the pack, because we live on site. In this way we guarantee our guests a balanced and appropriated environment.

Daily exercise

¿Does anyone know a dog that doesn’t like to run? In our hotel, whenever the weather permits, the dogs roam freely all day! With more than 5400m2 to play in, run around, sniff over, etc… and always with the supervision of a dog behavior specialist. Exercise is fundamental.

Photos & Videos

In most cases, after being separated from our dogs for holidays or any other reason, after less than 24 hours we already begin to miss them. Therefore another service we offer at The Happy Dog is sending pictures and videos daily of the dogs, so the owners can see how well their dogs are getting on, so one can feel at ease during the separation.

Veterinary assistance

With all that has been said we hope your dog will enjoy their stay with us, but they also may feel bad, be injured in a game, etc. In these cases, which fortunately are very rare, we have veterinary services available. With this we ensure the health of your dog.